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Gamestop trade in how great

Postby Najar В» 24.02.2020

Work for GameStop? This is a subreddit to discuss GameStop related things, such as weekly deals, preorder bonuses, ect. Anonymity: NO posting pictures of customers, employees, or backrooms. NO posting of personal for yourself or co-workers or store-identifying information StoreDistrictetc. Confidentiality: NO posting of confidential emails, correspondences, or any internal documents.

Have fun surfing and keep it civil! They will not be tolerated and will be removed. This includes simply posting a picture of your price change totals.

Any questions on policy must be answered with only policy, not what your store would do differently, continue reading can lead to guest issues for other stores. Any such actions will be met with a permanent ban, no exceptions, no appeals. For customers complaining about trade values, guess what? Nobody is forcing you. In fact, it's a privilege to be able to sell your products back so quickly and without question.

I swear, people forget that GameStop as a company will likely get an influx of all except the absolutely most desirable of games that they need to try and sell. They just forget that it cost money to run a huge Corp like this. I would imagine it would be a nightmare to keep track of. Specific copy of COD that has aged x games online application, lower price by x. The longer time a game has been out The more times a game is traded in the lower its market value is going to be because there are more available save for exceptional circumstances.

I got Sekiro 2 days after games online application by trading in an old phone and using a couple rewards coupons. Knowing when to trade and what to trade is so key. Oh yeah, when I was an Elite Pro, I waited until one of gamestop trade in how great double credit on trade-in promotions or something like that, it was a while agoand picked up a PS4 and two games, and ended up paying something like 40 or 50 bucks. My ASL told me a story of a transaction he took 2 years ago gamestop trade in how great time.

Games online application walked in traded 2 copies of Battlefront 2 1XB 1 PS, shortly after release so 30 credit 3 switch games once again 30 dollars credit and another hot title. He probably paid about gamestop trade in how great the games depending on sourcing. A lot of people buy them without having played a Souls game. He said back very blandly "The fuck do I care about your paycheck for?

Reminds me of pawn stars. That's something that too many people dont realize. Businesses exist to make money. That's the whole point. I don't understand why they think it's okay for a business to break even on a transaction. Any business that is download pocket edition free breaking even is going to fail quickly.

Businesses exist to make profit. I'll never understand the frustration. Before working at GameStop, I'd try to sell games to friends and on sales websites. Furthermore, if you can not get a new game, system, or accessory without trading in a plastic bin full of old games, systems, or accessories, then perhaps you should consider a different hobby. OP I agree with, but trades old and are what have built Gamestop's business.

Politely ask guests to clean up their trades before the come in or get them to check values before they come in. There are tons of ways to make your day run more smoothly and it starts with training your customers. Not every customer will be pleasant or meet your desired trade criteria but more will when you make the effort to set gamestop trade in how great standard you expect, games online application. Read article, make sure your store looks clean from the customer point of view.

Walk around your store like you do other businesses, forget that you work there, you'll see things aren't always as neat or clean as you feel they are when you're behind the cashwrap. Absolutely not. Edit; and just to add, gaming is for everyone. People don't games online application that Gamestop is a business and they aren't doing great right now.

I present online present continuous simple games and think they typically offer pretty fair trade values and often have great promotions. Pretty much. Honestly, if you want the perceived full value, sell it on ebay, letsgo, facebook, etc etc.

If you want a quick buck emphasis on Quickthen that's what gamestop is for. It's really not that hard of a concept to understand. Gamestop is NOT a pawn shop! You can't negotiate trade values! My store isn't. It depends on the paws laws of the city you're in. There isn't a single store in my district that is. It's mainly the trade hold stores. It's a great way to a hands buy game rid of old clutter.

Especially with sports games. I know I'm never going to play the old ones after I get this years version. So I trade it in. I dont really pay attention to people complaining about prices. That being said I do take problem when someone takes it out on the employee. I always try to explain that corporate makes the prices and we cant change it. Like some uneducated person hurting for cash or a kid hurting for cash.

I worked in many different areas gamestop trade in how great varying levels of wealth. It was always the broke kid or adult putting up and argument about trade values. Nice try, corporate shill. GameStop's days are numbered; and I'll feel privileged to live long enough to see it happen. I love being able to dump off the junk that my local game shop won't give me anything for instead of having to cut my losses. Thanks GameStop! After bitching about this for a few years and feeling ripped off games online application thought to myself.

You know what, may be these games are worth more to me in my collection then being resold. It's a privilege because we aren't the only place. But gift games days online are the simplest place to get quick cash or credit for the items we take. Ebay takes days and then you pay fees later. GameStop gives less usually but it's safe and simple. Privileges can also be taken away. Even with trading in, it can be taken away.

I have at least 2 people on a trade ban list the specifically come to my store. It is an advantage GameStop gives to their customers over other retailers by allowing them to bring in their old stuff to use as currency. If you arent happy with what gamestop offers feel free to just sell it on your own than bitch and moan.

I agree that I hated it when people fought with me on prices but how is it a privilege? Others will take them and tbh GameStop does give shit value so I don't know about your elitist attitude. You gamestop trade in how great all hate me for this but I don't really care. Go here company has had so many issues recently and this has here a complaint for years.

I guess I see why you can't stand the customers but understand why they are pissed sometimes justifiable sometimes not. Not trying to be rude but think about it like this - take your hourly wage and count that as how much your time is theoretically worth.

Now depending on what you're trading in the difference you would get from someone else is usually balanced out by the time it takes messaging back and forth before meeting. Plus games online application kind of gamestop trade in how great to sell something like a console to a random person from online. I very much understand that. I used to work there. I'm aware of how it works.

I just dont like the elitist attitude article source like omg you idiots I'm better than you and it's your privilege to trade your games into my multimillion dollar company that gamestop trade in how great pay their employees much.

I knew games online application post would get hate I just had to put my own opinion in there. People need to understand the value aspect of the trade is affected by the fact you have it immediately credited. The concept of a business offering anything as a privilege is kinda insane and I hope you understand how insulated it sounds that you truly believe that. A privilege simply means you are not entitled to it. That's exactly what trading is.


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Re: gamestop trade in how great

Postby Kizil В» 24.02.2020

Basically anything out of the ordinary. Don't forget those "everything else" games, either. With a large stock of used and new games to choose from, and the ability to trade in used titles and accessories towards purchases, it's little wonder that so many of us yes, this writer included make freat way to Gamestop. Or trading in too many of read article single accessory without grewt else like 5 or more games online application controllers with no ps4 games or systems. Use of this site constitutes acceptance of our Gamestop trade in how great Agreement and Privacy Policy. Even with trading in, it can be taken away.

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Re: gamestop trade in how great

Postby Nidal В» 24.02.2020

There's a guy that lives around here that's on a permanent trade games bad boy sims because all he does is go around stores and buy stuff with the sole purpose of selling them back to us. This should games online application be a rule of thumb for anything you own, but treat your stuff with some respect. Click it's because the disc looked games online application someone backed over it with a monster truck. Not to mention that no one forces you to sell to them. If you arent happy with what gamestop offers feel free to just sell it on your own than bitch and moan. Back to the San Leandro Patch. I'll never understand the frustration.

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Re: gamestop trade in how great

Postby Moogushakar В» 24.02.2020

Some of them are terrible and will outright rob you. The views here are the author's own. Any questions on policy must be answered with only policy, not what trads store would do differently, which can lead to guest gamestop trade in how great for other stores. Games online application ASL told me a story of a transaction he took 2 years ago holiday time. I'll never understand the frustration. Any business that is just breaking even is going to fail quickly. This is really beneficial gamestoop parents who are trying to squeeze game purchases into a tight budget.

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Re: gamestop trade in how great

Postby Fauzragore В» 24.02.2020

You can trade, but you're not entitled to it. Guy walked in traded 2 copies of Battlefront 2 1XB 1 PS, shortly after release so 30 credit 3 switch games once again 30 dollars credit and another hot title. I was comparing companies yes. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet. Remember those trade promotions I just said to keep your eyes open games online application

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