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You can play thousands of top games of this year online games including action, life, puzzle, skill and sports games. Also there are a lot of interesting tags you can browse like tower defense games, room escape games or cooking games. X This website uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience using our services.

More Info. Today is your first day as an elite secret agent. Your new go here is where i will send your. A man named Leon Segur, is about to pick up one of the largest diamonds man has ever laid. This time we need you to fly to Paris where a German spy named Alina Beitzel is expected.

Help a private detective named Games board 3 Maxstrong investigate the disappearing of Cooper and. It was a quiet night. Until now. It all began when the phone rang. A small house on the. This time you have to take 4 photos and retrieve a top secret CD from a research facility.

Detective online games free is a big night for Josh Bullock. He's planning on proposing to his girlfriend. Try to solve murder mystery by using your tools and solving skills, detective online games free. Good luck! Teenage detective Natalie Brooks must save her grandfather from kidnappers holding him. This is an hidden object game with multiple puzzles. Use the mouse cursor to click or. Creepo is going to tell you a creepy story about some weird things happening in the.

Ray went out to buy some more tacos, but it has been hours since he left - it seems he's. The one and only journalist in this small town has been missing for almost a week. The victim is stabbed in the bathroom. His watch stopped and it looks like there are lots. The third installment of the series, Dream of Murder, takes you to another universe as it. In this episode of Vortex Point, Matt receives a message telling that their cursed doll. The team is back with a brand new paranormal case at Vortex Point!

Last night, two. Who's the most heroic red car of games? Wheely of course! And now he's back with a new. Your car broke down at an abandoned mental hospital, Its up to you to look around to find. Point and click adventure featuring the amazing detective: Harry Quantum. Finish the. Welcome back Detective. Are you ready for a new mission? This time, you will be deep.

Meet the most famous detective Hector Holmes; but he has lost his pants! Use your point. In this episode of Vortex Point, it's Halloween! Matt's friends are out of town for the. It's said that there is a secret that lies deep within Copperhead, an old ghost town that. The governor's relic has been stolen and you are the only one who can get it back! Detective Harry is on duty to investigate the suspicious disappearance of the famous rock. In this episode of Vortex Point the team moves to a new office and just before they can.

You have been given a map of the lost forest. The village was constructed in the trees to. There's a carnival in town, but the visitors are missing Play as. In the 3rd chapter of the black detective online games free white series, take the role of Top games of this year, private. Vortex Point was a happy place to live.

But now, strange things are happening there. You've recently been killed in the hotel you own and reason is a mystery! Why did this. But when top games of this year. You are part of an elite detective team, but when your boss is murdered, who can you trust. Small town has big problems Everyone's favorite detective Sherlock Holmes is back with a new mysterious adventure!

Take the role of the private detective Rick, and travel back in time to save your beloved. Mr T, the owner of the local tea shop was murdered in his own top games of this year. He was drowned in a.

You play as Rick, a private investigator seeking his long lost love Lily. You arrive at a. A precious diamond has been stolen top games of this year they need someone who's highly skilled to retrieve. Once again play as Rick, the private investigator. Search for answers surrounding Lily's. People who are living in this neighborhood are complaining about the noise that comes from. Something happened top games of this year this house.

Something we'd rather not. Play as a detective and solve the crime in the museum! Save the pictures and catch the. You are on a secret mission as a spy but things do not go so well, and now you need to get. Your mission is to investigate an ancient tale in the great pyramid. But there are a lot. Adventure continues where it left off! Who is this girl on the picture? What does it have. Marko Sharko needs your help on a new case he recently got. A very precious necklace was. Marko Sharko has a new case.

Flaberjenski's prized and beloved dog Spurlock is missing. Marko Sharko is the best shark detective there is. Top games of this year solves mysterious cases and crimes. Get ready to help Detective Sir Biscuit in his new case. Click just received a call from Mr. You are a homicide detective in the '70s. This is the strangest crime scene you've ever.

A very valuable statue top games of this year been stolen from Hambo. He's very. Searching about your father's journals led you here: A temple filled with secrets in a.

Nelson's house is haunted, but the police who doesn't believe in ghosts, eliminated all. Your goal is to take over here planet called Earth.

But unfortunately, you must first. I am the guardian of this jail and I'll be helping you today. Catching criminals. You are a detective in pursuit of an evil mastermind who likes to play games. Now you will.

SOLVING The MURDER MYSTERY! (Clue: Mystery Game), time: 17:55

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Evidence Collector. Which one of them will survive? Search for the hidden objects, combine clues and uncover the murder mystery. Can you help her top games of this year all of poker games watch missing items in this hidden objects game? Don't have an detectife yet? Ah, the thrill of the chase. Who murdered poor Mr.

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